Whether it’s your corporate meeting or working retreat, LeeAnn works with emerging leaders to help them increase their self-awareness, develop key leadership skills, and crafting both personal and professional plans for success.

Take the Lead: Cultivating a Leadership Mindset

Learn about the emotional intelligence factor that leaders need to be successful, and practice exercises designed to achieve your best leadership mindset.

Play to Your Strengths

Complete the CliftonStrengths assessment and deep dive into your top five strengths, learning exercises and strategies to lead from your best skills and talents - while encouraging others to do the same!

The Whole Caboodle: Crafting Your Success Plan

Learn the keys to creating a holistic plan that integrates your personal and professional visions for success.

Don’t Cross the Line!: Setting Firm and Clear Boundaries

Discover how to identify, set and maintain one of your most important assets as a leader: your boundaries!

Want something more tailored to your team’s leadership needs? You got it! Let me know what you need.