Women on a Mission: An Interview with Womanist Words

I've been so fortunate over the last two years to meet some fascinating women who have big dreams for themselves.   Last month, I sat down with the hosts of Womanist Words, a podcast that gives space for words that need to be spoken for and by black women.    We had a delightfully honest conversation about what it looks like for women in 2018 - especially black women - to be able to discover and live out their mission.   Some nuggets are below.   

5:25 My story of discovering my personal mission.
13:20 The steps anyone can take to start discovering their purpose
18:20 Obstacles that black women face in living out their own mission
23:20 Your "how" is always evolving
28:00 On women downplaying their innate gifts
32:40 Combating imposter syndrome and analysis paralysis
35:30 Dealing with multiple passions

Take a listen HERE and let me know: are you tuned into your own purpose?   And if you are, how are you living it out?

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