It's Time to Focus

September is here!  

I love, love, LOVE this time of year for many reasons.  Football season is upon us (yay!), cooler weather is around the corner (yay yay!), and for the next 30 days, I can play Earth, Wind & Fire as much as I want and no one can tell me ANYTHING.

But this is also the time of year where I start to panic a little bit.  "It's September already?!"  I feel as though I blinked and it passed me by, but here we all are in the ninth month of the year.  2017 is 2/3 completed.

It's forced me to remember what my life goals were at the beginning of this year, reflecting on the amount of progress I've made so far, and realizing I need to get working!  And based on the conversations I've been having with other women in my network, I know I'm not the only one!

So my word for the month of September is FOCUS.

It's easier said than done, because life always throws a curveball.  We all know the challenges:  an unexpected bill comes up, or a project at works takes up more of our time than expected.   Sometimes less urgent things distract us from our commitments, like catching up on Game of Thrones or whatever new series Netflix just released.

I know this life too well.

But if you're like me and have let the distractions stick around for too long, take a minute today to quickly jot down one or two goals that you're ready to focus on for the rest of the year.   

And then be prepared to put in some work.

Tell me what you're ready to focus on over the next four months: leave a comment, or click those social media buttons up top!

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