Hey there! I'm LeeAnn Moss, and I’m passionate about helping emerging leaders transform their careers, communities, and lives.

As a young millennial woman entering the workforce, one my of biggest struggles was being able to clearly define both who I was and the kind of impact I wanted to make, both in my career and in my community.

I knew if I wanted to level up in my career and make a positive impact in my community, I needed to start asking better questions about my own values, what motivated me, and how I could best contribute to those communities on a daily basis.

That's why I work with career women, side hustlers, and women-driven companies and organizations who are ready to take it to the next level of their impact. Through my signature workshops, private coaching, and tailored keynotes, I’m privileged to collaborate with the next generation - MY generation - of leaders.

My work has been featured by companies and organizations like Bossed Up, Levo League, and SpeakTruth, focusing on topics such as time management, the power of presence, and how to discover your personal mission.

When I'm not working with my clients, you can find me hanging out with my family and friends here in New Orleans or planning my next trip - I love a good road excursion.

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The Official Bio:

LeeAnn Moss is an executive coach, speaker, and founder of TWC Training, a coaching and training company that provides individual and group services to career women, side hustlers, and organizations who are ready to level up and make an impact in their communities. Through signature workshops and 1:1 coaching, LeeAnn works with emerging leaders across the world, sharing her strategies, tips, and tricks on the most pressing issues facing working women today, such as achieving the ever elusive “work/life balance”, maximizing your personal strengths, creating your own systems for success, and effectively advocating for yourself. Her insight has been featured by organizations and companies like Bossed Up, Levo League, and SpeakTruth.

LeeAnn is the creator of Direct Your Day, a guide to helping women staying on task each day of the week.  She currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana and when not coaching, training, or speaking, you can find her on a plane to explore a new destination, hanging out with her favorite friends and family, or having a spontaneous solo dance party.